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Refrigeration Technology

Refrigeration/air-conditioning technology training systems that cover the growing demands on energy efficiency, new refrigerants, more complex regulations, new system concepts for specialist training and further education.

From thermodynamics and the simple refrigeration cycle to complex refrigeration applications - training software and hardware from a single source. Our various teaching devices convey theory through practical experiments on didactically prepared teaching devices.

Refrigeration Technology
Armfield Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

ArmfieldRefrigeration & Air Conditioning RA Link to the website of Armfield The new Armfield RA series is designed to clearly demonstrate th..

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P.A. HILTON Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Link opens website of P.A. Hilton Along with the computer and antibiotics, air conditioning is considered one of the most importa..

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P.A. HILTON Refrigeration

Refrigeration Link opens website of P.A. HiltonThere is hardly any part of a country’s health and welfare that is not dependent on refrigeration syste..

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