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Fluid Machines

Fluid Machines in mechanical engineering. Turbomachines for incompressible media are of immense importance for energy technology. We supply the equipment for the basic tests in the laboratory in order to make the theory comprehensible with practical examples.

The design and operating behaviour of pumps and propellers are applied, and basic principles and correlations of compressible flows are taught. This knowledge is the basis for power engines, fans, wind turbines, water turbines, steam and gas turbines as well as turbine jet engines. They are therefore an important component in many areas of daily life.

Fluid Machines
Armfield Internal Combustion Engines Armfield Internal Combustion Engines

ArmfieldInternal Combustion Engines CM Link to the website of ArmfieldArmfield's range of internal combustion engines CM11 (Gasoline Engine), CM1..

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Armfield Fluid Machines

ArmfieldCAPTURE Fluid Machines FM Link opens website of ArmfieldThe Armfield CAPTURE range is a unique range of small-scale teaching equipment, design..

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P.A. HILTON Combustion

Combustion Link opens website of P.A. Hilton Despite the contributions made by nuclear, hydro-electric, solar, wind and other renewable energy sour..

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P.A. HILTON Propulsion

Propulsion Link opens website of P.A. HiltonThe study of jet propulsion remains an important part of many mechanical engineering and all aeronautical ..

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Steam Link opens website of P.A. HiltonSteam power plant for teaching purposes has traditionally been based on industrial equipment adapted for educat..

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Model Steam Engine

Demonstration and cutaway model of a horizontal steam engine with piston slide valve. The model is movable through the flywheel and shows the function..

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