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FT18MkII Modular Cross Flow Filtration

Der Armfield FT18-MkII ist ein kleines Pilot-Cross-Flow-Filtrations-System, welches für den Einsatz mit einer Reihe von Membran-Modulkonfigurationen ausgelegt ist. Es kann mit schon mit 5-10 Liter Material arbeiten, liefert aber immer noch Daten, die für Prozess-Scale-up nützlich sind. Es kann über die gesamte Bandbreite der Querstrom-Filtrationsanwendungen von der Mikrofiltration bis zur Umkehrosmose eingesetzt werden. Es ist das perfekte Werkzeug für weitere Prozessentwicklung und Scale-up nach den Membranversuchen mit dem Gerät FT17.


• Dual operation, RO/UF
• Uses proprietary membranes available from PCI
• Clean-in-place (CIP) facility
• Mobile and self-contained operation
• Computer linked for data logging and analysis


> Rapid changeover from R0 to UF and back
> Easily cleaned and maintained


Ceramic Filter Module (FT18-5)

Filter housing: 316 stainless steel
Filter length: 1.00m
N° of channels: 1
Channel internal diameter: 7mm
Membrane area: 0.022m2
Available membranes: MF: 110-800nm
UF: 3-10nm (2-20 kDa)
NF: 200-600 Da

Spiral wound filter module (FT18-6) 

Filter housing: 1812 (1.8” x 12”) 316 stainless steel sanitary housing
Generic module for use with female elements from different membrane manufacturers 
Membrane area depends on element (max: 0.45m2)
The module can be used for MF, UF, NF and RO operations 
Max operating pressure: 40 bar

Hollow fibre filter module (FT18-7)

Membrane housing: Polysulfone
Filter length: 0.46m
Fibre internal diameter: 1.1mm
Max operating pressure: 2.1-2.8 bar
Membrane area: 0.09m2
Available membranes: 5-500 kDa

Tubular Filter Module (FT18-8)

Filter housing: 316 stainless steel
Filter length: 2 x 0.3m
Membrane area: 0.024m2
Max operating pressure: 40 bar (recommended)
Available membranes: UF: 2-200 kDa
NF: 60-75% CaCl2 rejection
RO: 80-99% NaCl rejection

Vessel (FT18-20)

30-litre 316 stainless steel retentate vessel for recirculated product, complete with sensor to protect against dry running. Mass balance option for permeate flow rate measurement.

Electronic Flow Meter (FT18-44)

  • Electronic flow meter that measures the recirculation (retentate) flow rate
  • Must be ordered with FT18-MkII base unit

Backpulsing/Backflushing (FT18-50)

  • This module enables filtration pressure to be reversed for a period of time during processing in order to reduce fouling and thus enable extended operation between cleaning cycles
  • This module is compatible with the Ceramic (FT18-5) and Hollow Fibre (FT18-7) filter modules only
  • Must be ordered with FT18-MkII base unit

System Control

  • As standard the system is controlled by a PC (not supplied) with a USB interface
  • An optional touchscreen system (FT18-60) can be used in place of a PC (not supplied)


Food: Dairy: Removal of microorganisms from milk and cheese brines, milk protein standardisation and concentration, whey demineralisation, whey protein fractionation, defatting of whey proteins, and filtration
Fermented foods: Clarification of wine, beer and vinegar, removal of alcohol from wine and beer, post-fermentation yeast recovery, wine lifting
Fruit juices: Clarification and concentration
Water: Water and waste water purification, desalination, water softening
Pharma: Concentration and purification of macromolecules, sterile filtration, viral clearance, cell separation, water purification
Edible oils: Degumming of vegetable oils

Technical Specifications

Maximum flow rate: 1670 l/hr
Maximum operating pressure: 50 bar
Pressure sensors: 0-50 bar
Mass balance range: 0-6kg

Associated Equipment

  • FT140 Mixing Vessels
  • FT63/64 Laboratory Process Chiller


Electrical supply:
FT18-MkII-C: 380-415V 3ph 50Hz 10A
FT18-MkII-D: 208-220V 3ph 60Hz 20A
Water supply:
Towns water 10 l/min at 2 bar or equivalent flow recirculation chiller for lower temperatures
Air supply:
6 bar with minimal air consumption (required for FT18-50 option only)

Ordering codes

FT18-MkII-C: 380-415V 3ph 50Hz 10A
FT18-MkII-D: 208-220V 3ph 60Hz 20A
Option ordering codes
FT18-5: Ceramic Filter Module (option)
FT18-6: Spiral Wound Filter Module (option)
FT18-7: Hollow Fibre Filter Module (option)
FT18-8: Tubular Filter Module (option)
FT18-20: Vessel (option)
FT18-44: Electronic Flow Meter (option)
FT18-50: Backpulsing/Backflushing (option)
FT18-60: Touchscreen system (option)

Overall dimensions

Length: 0.72m
Height: 1.50m
Width: 1.00m

Overall dimensions

Volume: 1.9m3
Gross weight: 300kg

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