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Edelstahl Laborprozess-Kühler

FT63 Edelstahl Laborprozess-Kühler

Der FT63 Laborprozess-Kühler aus Edelstahl ist ein rezirkulierender Prozesskühler, welcher eine gute Versorgung mit Kühlflüssigkeit für Laborgeräte von Armfield bietet. Er eignet sich speziell zur Verwendung mit den UHT Anlagen FT74XTS, FT174X und dem Karbonisierer FT102X.


• Continuously recirculating glycol solutions for cold chilled liquid temperatures
• Temperature controller on chilled liquid outlet allows stable processing
• High cooling capacity
• Integral high capacity liquid pump
• Mobile unit
• Washable control panel
• Optional stainless steel casing


> Low refrigerant charge
> Low running costs
> Easily cleaned and maintained


The FT63 contains a reservoir of cooled fluid, which is pumped through the external process to be coole (e.g. heat exchanger system). The cooling fluid can be water, or a mixture of glycol and water, dependent on the output temperature required. This fluid is cooled by the integral refrigeration system. A high pressure pump is used to pump the fluid through the process. A bypass valve facility allows the fluid to be recirculated independently of the process conditions. Two versions of the FT63 are available. The standard version has a painted mild steel case while the FT63SS has a stainless steel casing.

Reciprocating hermetically sealed compressor with a refrigerant cooled motor.

Packaged coil type made of copper tubes and aluminium fins.

Single air-cooled condenser manufactured from aluminium fins mechanically bonded to refrigeration grade copper tubes. The condenser fan is of a low noise axial type. Fan blades are fully enclosed by a safety grill.


Cooling capacity:

The cooling capacity of a chiller is dependent on its operating conditions, particularly the liquid temperature and concentration.

The FT63 has a cooling capacity of 2Kw with an outlet temperature of +3°C and using a 20% glycol solution (typical FT74/FT74XTS application). For other applications please consult Armfield.

Refrigerant: R407C Freon
Max. ambient temp: 32°C



Laboratory Process Chiller 230V/1 phase/50Hz/15A

Laboratory Process Chiller 220V/1 phase/60Hz/16A

Shipping Specification

Volume: 0.7m³
Gross weight: 160kg

Overall Dimensions

Depth: 0.73m
Width: 0.57m
Height: 0.89m

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