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Tunnel Detector Tunnel Detector

Tunnel DetectorAt DETECTRONIC Tunnel Metal Detector are manufactured individually and specifically to your needs. We provide space saving applications..

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Speed Check Weigher

Speed Check Weigher DETECTRONIC Speed Check Weigher is built in an elegant, innovative and smart way. It has a very small footprint and saves space co..

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Pipeline Detector Pipeline Detector

Pipeline DetectorThe DETECTRONIC pipeline metal detector finds its way into many different industries where it provides an effective guard against met..

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Free Fall Detector

Free Fall DetectorThe Free Fall Detector is a highly sensitive and robust metal detector. Our advanced signal processing provides high and accurate de..

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Euro Line Detector Euro Line Detector

Euro Line Detector With the new Euro Line Detector we have combined DETECTRONIC´s usual high level characteristics of our already well-known and respe..

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Combi Speed Check

Combi Speed CheckDETECTRONIC combi check weigher is a combined solution with the usage of a metal detector and a check weigher fitted into the operati..

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Model board: Two-wheel technique

Cutaway model Model-board: two-wheel technique This model board enables a comparison of car engine components and two-wheel technique. The following c..

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UHT/HTST Mini Pilot Plant UHT/HTST Mini Pilot Plant

FT74XTS UHT/HTST Mini Pilot PlantMINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGY A miniature-scale UHT processing system optimised for product development u..

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Rising Film Evaporator

INDUSTRIAL FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT22 Rising Film EvaporatorThe costs incurred by the length of time taken, the large quantities of raw materials required an..

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Laboratory Scale Rapid Extractor

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT111 Laboratory-scale Rapid ExtractorIdeally suited to product development purposes, the Armfield FT111 Laboratory-..

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Tall Form Spray Drier /Spray Chiller

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT80/FT81 Tall Form Spray Dryer and ChillerThe Armfield FT80 Tall Form Spray Dryer and FT81 Spray Chiller have been ..

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Homogenisation Sub-System

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT90/FT91 Homogenisation Sub-SystemsThe FT90 and FT91 are complete in-line homogenisation sub-systems for use with A..

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