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Dissolving Mixer S3

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Dissolving Mixer S3

Dissolving Mixer S3 - Rapidly dissolving pectine and other powders – manual cleaning

The Dissolving Mixer S3 is a mixer very similar to the S2 mixer. It dissolves powders very fast and efficient. Pectine is dissolved in 3 minutes and in double concentration compared to conventional mixers. The main difference is that S3 is cleaned manually, and this is made easy with the large, hinged lid.


Volumes from 200 to 500 litres

Standard features:

  • High shear mixing
  • Changeable mixing tools: mixing wheel, stator, knife
  • Water inlet on top
  • Vortex breaker
  • Hinged lid

Optional features:

  • Direct steam heating
  • Indirect steam heating
  • Cooling in jacket
  • Frequency inverter on mixer

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